What is AISNG?

Association Internationale de Sculpture sur Neige et Glace (AISNG)
International Association of Snow and Ice Sculpture

The International Association of Snow and Ice Sculpture has been founded in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, in 1988. The main objective of the association is to promote the activities and development of the culture around snow and ice sculpting and other different types of winter art forms.

The association contributes to this endeavour by providing knowledge, and information to those who are working in the field. We work at the international level, and with institutions and professionals on the ground. Through selected activities, we aim to engage and inform professionals and the general public with an interest in different kind of winter arts. We also maintain an active, engaged network of professionals from around the world. We contribute to the development of the field in the world today and for the future through three main areas of activity: Information, cooperation, and publishing.


This website offers information of the international events. A newsletter of the topical issues in the field is provided twice a year. Please subscribe to the mailing list by sending an email to info@aisng.fi.


Cooperation is provided in the form of collaborative visits, lecturing, consulting and judging services of the competitions.

The association aims to collect, save and document the current information and history of the snow and ice sculpting field in the form of photographs, articles and event documentation. Publications are produced as separate projects and ad hoc funding

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International Association of Ice and Snow Sculpture

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